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4YOUth Foundation for Supporting Youth Initiatives is constantly developing its international network of cooperation with various entities such as NGOs, public institutions, cooperatives, companies and social enterprises.

We offer our partnership in following areas:

  • recruitment of participants for international youth exchanges and trainings recruitment of interns for work placement programmes (Erasmus Plus KA1 VET, European Social Fund etc.)
  • joint preparation of project applications
  • professional assistance in building partnership networks

ASHA Foundation

United Kingdom

The ASHA Foundation is a British, educational charity working for the empowerment of young people worldwide. Our core belief is that unlocking the human potential and inherent goodness in young people is vital for our world today. Our mission is to create an educational environment in which young people can experience a sense of inspiration, […]

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One World Association

Poznań, Polska

Stowarzyszenie “Jeden Świat” (“One World” Association) is the Polish branch of Service Civil International (SCI). SCI is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organizing international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. Its most important activity is organizing international short term voluntary projects (workcamps) and coordinating long term […]

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Stowarzyszenie Zmiana Tematu

Warsaw, Poland

Stowarzyszenie “Zmiana Tematu” (“Change of subject” association) is a blend of youthful enthusiasm, creativity and unbridled curiosity. The organization was established in early 2013, and its members do not consider ’13’ to be an unlucky number. Its main purposes are: intercultural education, social activation of people at risk of social exclusion as well as self-realization […]


Cracow, Poland

ESN AGH is one of 433 Erasmus Student Network, working at the Univeristy of Science and Technology (AGH) in Krakow. It is a non-profit organization, which main goal is best expressed by its motto – “Students helping students”. Thus ESN AGH provides any kind of help to students coming to Poland on the Erasmus+ Programme […]


Paris, France

Association PACE for Promotion des Arts et des Cultures d’Europe gathers benevolent students and recent graduated people around the same goal : to promote european culture. So the association organises multidisciplinary projects, in order to bring European citizens closer, and make them sensitive to European Union and its aims. In Italian language ?pace ? means […]


Milanówek, Poland

Musszelka (“little shell”) is a small foundation from Milanówek, whos main goal is to educate children and youths in the spirit of deep ecology. Musszelka finds old stories of root cultures from all around the world as well as from modern authors, which carry important message to Earth and us. It also discovers ways how […]

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D.G.T. (Do Great Things) Association

Bucharest, Romania

D.G.T. (Do Great Things) Association’s main targets are high-school and university students, young entrepreneurs and disadvantaged young people all across Romania. It was born from the passion of a few youngsters who wanted to take action and make a change in their society. Currently it?s mission focuses on national and international networking among young people, […]

Mas Franch

Catalonia, Spain

Mas Franch is a non-profit cooperative that runs a training and conference centre in Catalonia, Spain, dedicated to social and ecological transformation. It was founded in 2006 and currently has four full-time members as well as dozens of local and international volunteer members. Mas Franch?s three core values are solidarity, equity and sustainability. The mission […]

Palma Nana

Sicily, Italy

Palma Nana cooperative was founded in 1983 during a march for the establishment of the first Sicilian Natural Reserve, The Zingaro, and against a road that would have passed through the territory of the Reserve. Since then, the cooperative operates in the fields of environmental conservation and preservation, citizen awareness, and the promotion of scientific […]


Bucharest, Romania

Tineret pentru Dezvoltare Durabila is a youth organization with the main aim of supporting the personal development of young people at local and regional level, in order to contribute to sustainable development of the society as a whole. Currently it has around 30 active members from rural and urban areas. Their projects are focused on […]

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