Development of critical thinking for Lithuanian and Polish youth

Participants' photoreports September 2018 Lithuania Miłosz Bałdyga

How often do you wonder about credibility of the news that you hear or read? How often do you spend at least few minutes to verify information in different sources? How often do you stop and ask yourself: “wait, is it actually true?”

In the age of Internet, globalization and rapid changes in our environment, every day we encounter a lot of information through different channels and most of the times we (unfortunately!) don’t check whether the information is true or not. A perfect example is fake news, which can spread very easily, for example on social media, and therefore can be used as a very powerful tool for manipulation, propaganda, and other purposes. It can be a severe threat for maintaining stability in a society, or even for keeping peace.

One of the solutions is to develop the ability to think critically, to think more like scientists. It may sound complicated, and yes, it is a big topic that needs time to be explored properly, but it is actually very easy to develop our critical thinking skills in everyday life. Instead of believing everything that we hear or read without any reflection, we can simply start asking questions: “is it true?”, “is it always true?”, “what are the evidence which can confirm it?”. Unfortunately, not many people really do it.

That’s why Association Skeptic Youth from Lithuania in a partnership with Foundation for Supporting Youth Initiatives 4YOUth from Poland decided to take action. 13 young people from Lithuania and Poland will gather for 1 week in order to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude regarding critical thinking, in the framework of an international youth exchange “Development of critical thinking for Lithuanian and Polish youth”, which will take place from 10th to 16th September 2018 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

It is a great learning opportunity for young people, and there is no doubt that more initiatives like this are needed nowadays.

Stay tuned for the full photoreport from the project!

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