Our team

We are a group of social activists, educators and cultural animators. Our team has rich background in various NGOs and public institutions.

Katarzyna Anna Klimowicz

Board President

The head of 4YOUth Foundation, she loves implementing innovations and putting progressive ideas into action. She spreads her enthusiasm and laughter all around.

PhD candidate (Philosophy of Politics Department, Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw) and Humanity in Action Senior Fellow. She graduated from international Philosophy Studies in English at the University of Warsaw and from the very beginning of her studies she connects her academic career with civic journalism and social activism. She loves travelling and she is keenly interested in politics, international relations, volunteering and youth projects. The experiences she appreciates the most in her life are: a number of theater workshops, two terms in the Youth Town Council of Milanówek (her hometown), student internship at the Academic Radio Kampus, work at the Italian YouNet Association and at the Community Centre "Surma" (Ochota Cultural Centre) as well as WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) in a Catalan cooperative MasFranch. She also collaborated with the founders of civic television Miasta w Komie (Cities in Mobiles), she went to many international volunteering workcamps in various parts of Europe with Service Civil International Organization, she took part in the Erasmus student exchange programme and Erasmus Placement in Bologna (Italy) and in Barcelona (Spain). The last but not the least, she coordinated a number of international and local projects. Moreover she is a passionate teacher of groups of students at the University of Warsaw and she enjoys participating in various public speaking events, such as international academic conferences and TEDx Talks in order to share experience and promote progressive ideas.

Maciej J. Klimowicz

Board Member

Web developer, designer and project manager in one. Great visionary, always ready for big challenges.

In the recent past he used to work for the central administration and other NGOs, responsible for big European and Internet projects. Currently works as a web developer and designer. He is enthusiastic about all networking initiatives in which he sees a remedy for the deficiencies of hierarchical structures. Graduated from Political Science faculty at Warsaw University, National School of Public Administration and postgraduate studies in Project Management at Warsaw School of Economics.

Monika Olszak

Board Member

Specialist in promotion and European affairs. Loves travelling and is very interested in broadly understood urban topics.

A graduate of European Studies (specialization in European Marketing) and EUROREG Spatial Management at the University of Warsaw. Since the first year of studies, she has been involved in the activity of the Student Science Club Touching Europe. As part of volunteering at the Ministry of Regional Development, she was responsible, among other things, for co-organizing an international conference entitled Effective Instruments Supporting Territorial Development, which is one of the most important events of the Polish Presidency. She also participated in the ESPON project called TERCO European Territorial Cooperation as a factor of economic growth, employment and quality of life, which was implemented in the area of ​​Jelenia Góra. Secrets of effective promotion she met during volunteering at the Center for the Promotion and Information of the Grand Theater. Scholarship holder of the Erasmus program in Bologna and former Ambassador of the Youth in Action Program. Loves travelling and is very interested in broadly understood urban topics. In her free time she likes to photograph the reality that surrounds her.

Miłosz Bałdyga

International Projects Manager

Juggler, trainer, entertainer. He loves to inspire and to get inspired by other people.

Pedagogy student, graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw (bachelor's degree in Business Economics). He spent one semester in Verona (Italy) on an abroad scholarship funded by the Erasmus programme. An enthusiast of travelling, music, percussion instruments and the art of the new circus. He conducts workshops on juggling, personal growth and soft skills for youth and adults in Poland as well as abroad – during international Erasmus+ projects, which he attends as a leader (since 2013) and a trainer (since 2015). So far he has taken part in nearly 30 youth exchanges, seminars and training courses abroad and since 2017 he is involved in writing Erasmus+ projects himself. He likes going out of his comfort zone and taking on new challenges. What brings him the feeling of fulfillment is solving problems in an unconventional way. Collaborates with 4YOUth Foundation since 2012 – initially as a participant of international youth exchanges, afterwards as a volunteer, and currently as an official team member. In the organisation he deals with the recruitment of participants for international projects, promotion of the Foundation’s activities as well as with building a partnership network all over Europe.

Ania Wisz

International Projects Manager

Youth worker, social activist, Spanish lector. She loves working with people, travelling and taking part in artistic events.

Student of Portuguese Philology on Warsaw University, tutor and animator for children, an enthusiast of human rights, languages, travelling, theatre and music. She has participated in Grand Theatre – National Opera spectacles, II Master Workshops on Eurythmics, International Theatre Festival „Korczak” and Singin' Warsaw concerts. She worked in different artistic festivals (Strefa Ciszy, Tydzień Kina Hiszpańskiego) and collaborated with Amnesty International, Volunteers in Motion, CET Platform Polska and Sociotherapeutic Club for Children KARAN. In the organisation she deals with the recruitment of participants for international projects, promotion of the Foundation’s activities as well as with building a partnership network all over Europe. In her free time she likes to meet new people, test her limits and takes on new challenges by Hitch-Hikking.

Magda Żarnawska

Community Projects Manager

Sociologist and trainer. Absolutely fascinated by the Forum Theatre Method.

She graduated from Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw. For two years she was a volunteer at the Academic Radio Kampus. She is a big enthusiast and practitioner of Forum Theatre Method. In recent years she collaborated with various NGOs, e.g. the Polish Humanitarian Action, Centre for Women’s Rights and ATD Poland.

In her free time she likes to travel, read books and watch sad movies. Iceland lover.

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