4YOUth Film Academy

since 2016

4YOUth Film Academy is a film education program for all types of schools, developed by the 4YOUth Foundation in cooperation with the Legionowo County Cultural Centre and Against Gravity Distribution.

Within the programme we present a wide selection of valuable and moving documentaries, distributed by Against Gravity.

Films address many global problems and challenges related to both natural and geographical (such as climate change, lack of respect for the natural environment, extinction of species and forest felling) and social (global development differences, social stratification, the phenomenon of refugees and mass emigration, cultural differences, protection and cases of violation of human rights) matters. In our repertoire we also have films on cultural and artistic topics.

Each show is accompanied by a meeting with an expert who leads a discussion related to the watched film. For the role we invite experienced activists of NGOs and employees of renowned universities.

Film screenings are organized individually for educational institutions as well as part of the periodical School Documentary Films Reviews. So far over 1,600 students and teachers from over 25 educational institutions took part in them.

We offer

  • professional support in choosing a repertoire
  • full organizational and technical support
  • possibility of adapting the program to the individual needs of students and teachers

Program of the 4YOUth Film Academy

The proposed program of the 4YOUth Film Academy in its objectives and contents refers to the core curriculum functioning at schools. In addition, it develops the skills set out in the introductory part of the curriculum, so that film classes can be implemented as part of:

  • additional educational activities
  • classes related to the choice of further path of professional education and career plannig
  • all other subjects related to the subject of the film (including biology, nature, geography, civic, cultural and artistic education, basics of entrepreneurship)
  • other school events

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