Love speech


The Love speech project involved conducting workshops on hate speech on the web and creating slogans that, instead of hate words, bring positive content and values – goodness, respect and love.

Portraits of the project’s participants along with the slogans promoting the love speech are available on-line so that they can reach a wide audience. We hope that thanks to our action we will show that each and every one of us can spread the “speech of love” on the Internet and use methods of non-formal education to build peaceful communities in our closest neighbourhood.

If you like our project and you also want to spread the word of love online and offline – in our everyday relationships with people – we invite you to collaborate with us! Create your own slogans as part of the Love speech campaign and send to: – we will publish them on our website and facebook fanapage.

Special thanks go to our partner organization – Educational Center Krusevac from Serbia, which inspired us to carry out the Love speech campaign <3 All you need is Love! :) text: Katarzyna Klimowicz
photo: Maciej Klimowicz, Anna Wisz

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