TRY: TRansition Youth


The main goal of the project TRY: TRansition Youth – sustainable development and local entrepreneurship was to prepare groups of young people to act to reduce the negative effects of global phenomena, such as uneven distribution of food in the countries of the global South and North, food waste or lack of respect for the natural environment.

Through learning social entrepreneurship and involvement in activities for the benefit of the local community in the spirit of sustainable development, as well as participation in a series of meetings and workshops, the participants explored their knowledge of the above-mentioned problems and learned in practice alternative methods of solving them. Together with the inhabitants of three towns (Milanówka, Sant Feliu de Pallerols in Spain and Cefalú in Italy), they were also involved in the participatory design and creation of social gardens.

Our activities were accompanied by various open events, such as public debates, film screenings, exhibitions and workshops. The project was implemented as part of the Erasmus+ Program by the 4YOUth Foundation in partnership with the Catalonian cooperative MasFranch and the cooperation of Palma Nana from Sicily.

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