Rules of international exchange

I. General rules

  1. International exchange projects are organized in line with a written agreement between the 4YOUth Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) in a role of the sending organization and partner organizations in a role of the project organizer (hereinafter referred to as a hosting organization).
  2. Information about projects are published on the Foundation website as well as on its Facebook profile and can be shared on other communication channels.
  3. Every participant of international event, i.e. exchange, seminar or training, is obliged to learn the present Rules and accept its provisions.
  4. Every participant representing the Foundation and his/her country of origin is obliged to keep the basic rules of savoir vivre and interpersonal solidarity and treat other participants with respect.
  5. After receiving confirmation of accepted application, every participant is obliged to buy a ticked within the date appointed by the hosting organization.
  6. Within exchange programme, after tickets and invoices for transportation have been delivered to the hosting organization, participant will receive reimbursement of travel costs within the limit appointed by the host (based on bids determined by the European Commission). Reimbursement is made in cash by the hosting organization on the last day of the project or by the Foundation on an account (in Polish złoty) appointed by the participant within 21 days after receiving funds from the hosting organization. Reimbursement applies only to public means of transportation (i.e. it does not cover taxis or fuel) and travel must start and finish in Poland.
  7. Conditions for receiving travel expenses:
    • fulfillment of all obligations listed in part III of these Regulations
    • providing the Foundation with the current account number (in Polish złoty) by filling in the travel reimbursement form
    • providing original proofs of travel expenses (tickets, invoices, etc.) directly to the hosting organization.
  8. Participant bears travel costs which consist from:
    • amount exeeding the reimbursement limit mentioned in point 6
    • 140 zł of administration fee (to cover the costs of recruitment process and other statutory objectives of the Foundation)
    • additional fees if appoited by the hosting organization
  9. In case of resignation from participating in exchange or failure in buing a ticked within the date appointed by the host, after the candidature have been accepted, the Foundation does not return incurred costs. If the resignation occurs after confirmation of the candidature and it there are less than 14 days left to the beginning of the project, participant is obliged to find another person for her/his place fulfilling criteria set within the present Rules.
  10. The Foundation is not responsible for any material or health damage suffered during projects. Every participant is obliged to have a valid European Health Insurance Card or take out another insurance to cover the cost of medical care.

II. Criteria for recruitment of participants


  1. In international exchanges can participate only persons aged 18 to 30 years. The number of places for people aged over 25 years is limited.
  2. As first we accept persons who meet specific criteria:
    • high motivation to participate
    • involvement in the activities of the Foundation or willingness to participate in its work
    • knowledge of English on communicative level
    • persons who have not yet participated in a similar event
  3. Subsequently we consider dates of application. We treat young people with fewer opportunities as a priority.
  4. Conditions for being a leader of the group are:
    • experience in international projects
    • fluency in English
    • high motivation and desire to take responsibility for the group of participants
    • we welcome qualifications for being a guardian of the colony or teaching certificate


  1. As first we accept persons who meet below criteria:
    • high motivation to participate
    • engagement in activities of the Foundation or willingness to do so
    • knowledge of English on communicative level
  2. Subsequently we consider dates of application.

III. Obligations of participants of international projects

  1. Obligations of a participant of an international project:
    • arrival to the place of project activities and return within the deadline set by the hosting organization (travel in another time not agreed with the organizer results in the inability to apply for reimbursement of travel expenses)
    • to buy a ticked for the cheapest possible transportation within 5 days after the candidacy have been accepted
    • keeping all tickets and invoices for public transportation in order to receive reimbursement
    • having a valid European Health Insurance Card during the project
    • active participation in all activities during the project
    • preparing the cultural evening presenting national food and culture of their country of origin
    • preparing a photoreport from the project (in Polish and English) to be published on the Foundation website
  2. Additional obligations of a group leader in an international project:
    • participation in a preparatory visit (if planned by the hosting organization)
    • participation in preparing the project programme (preparing games and activities, helping organizers and other leaders in performing the programme)
    • helping other participants in preparing the photoreport from the project

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