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4YOUth as sending organization since 2013

52  partner organizations
17  countries
105  realized projects
547  participants

Our projects & actions

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4YOUth Foundation for Supporting Youth Initiatives is constantly developing its international network of cooperation with various entities such as NGOs, public institutions, cooperatives, companies and social enterprises.

We offer our partnership in the following areas:

  • recruitment of participants for international youth exchanges and trainings recruitment of interns for work placement programmes (Erasmus Plus KA1 VET, European Social Fund etc.)
  • joint preparation of project applications
  • professional assistance in building partnership networks
  • exchange of experience in civic and global education
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About us

We cooperate with local governments and institutions such as schools, cultural centres, youth clubs and refugees centres.

We aim at creating cooperation network with other national and foreign NGOs in order to build local and transnational civil society, promote the idea of universal human rights and tolerance towards diversity in local and global networking.

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Our Partners

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