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It would seem that the main goal of the B.O.M.B. (short for Building Organization’s Media Brand) project was to acquire skills in the so-called video branding. We were going there with the hope that we would learn how to make a good promotional film, how to assemble such a film and how to make the recipient what we want with a film. However, during the first classes it turned out that this is not a regular training course.

The first phase of the project took place from 6 to 15 November 2018 in London. The second phase of the project involved the creation of films on the local subject matter after they returned to the country. The course was attended by 34 people from ten countries (Bulgaria, Czechia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain, UK) and several trainers who have prepared many interesting tasks for us. We lived in the heart of the beautiful Crystal Palace Park in London.

The intention of the organizers was to prove to us that we do not need expensive equipment or many years of experience with editing programs to create a good quality film. They assured, however, that only imagination, low-budget gadgets, smartphone, free movie editing program are enough. They also stressed out that in order to be successful, it is necessary to be persistant, well-motivated and have a good organization of working time.

How did the project work? After a short introduction, we watched inspirational films about how much we can learn by working in groups. To get to know each other we had to take one photo that would represent us or our worldview. Then we watched them together and discussed them. Every day we were faced with new challenges, not necessarily film ones.

A very interesting task was a “blind director”. We were divided into four groups, randomly assigned roles: director, photographer, actor and person responsible for communication. During the training, the director had a blindfold all the time, his task was to convey his vision to the rest of the band, so that in 10 photos, “tell” the story he invented. The photographer and the actor could not speak, so the role of the communicator was to describe to the director what was happening on the set, but he could not communicate directly with the actor or photographer. It was a great exercise for patience, the ability to work in a group, communication, acceptance and realizing how important the message is.

There were many exercises, among others we presented ourselves with short films, we learned how to analyze films, we learned about different types of film shots and when to use them. Having only a few issues from the film “Pulp fiction” we created short soap operas. We had very little time for all the tasks, thanks to which we were forced to work at full capacity. On the one hand, it was stressful, but it was a positive stress, which proved to us that the impossible does not exist, and perfectionism can be our own enemy. There was also a lot of laughter!

It was not until the middle of the project we found out, for which organizations we will be making films, we were divided into groups and we devoted the whole day to getting acquainted with the organizations. Our task was to find out what they expect, who is their target group of recipients. We also started planning what, where and how we will film. Each group had different challenges. After returning to Crystal Palace, it was time to share them, and later to take pictures and play with light (the so-called Light Painting). Another day (once again in other groups) we spent on creating a movie for the needs of the organization running this project – abroadship.org, to practice and test their skills

The sixth day was devoted to filming, collecting materials, and the seventh day to process and assemble them. It was a very labor-intensive day, but everyone supported each other. The key to success was once again teamwork and communication. On the eighth, last day we watched the films we had assembled, there was also time for fun, reflection and farewells.

It’s hard to believe how much happened during these few days, most of us did not have the experience of making movies, and we came back with the baggage of knowledge, beautiful memories and the belief that we want to be able to! Thank you to 4YOUth and abroadship.org!

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