Be the leader of your life

Participants' photoreports May 2017 Bucharest, Romania

When the nine daredevils from Poland set off to the project Be the leader of your life on April 3, 2017 they didn’t know what to await. Maybe they will take us to some faraway place and will keep us for 10 days with some foreigners? Or maybe they will order us to do some hard work all day long? Yes, it could be quite nice beginning of some thriller, however it?s not the thing you?re going to read here. These nine daredevils came to Romanian mountains to a place called Poiana Negrii for 10 days to learn, discover, experience, live the great time and meet a lot of active people like them from Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy.

It all began in Bucharest where we have all met and later had a 9-hours trip to the place of our project. And soon after that, as befits active people, we have begun activites. The first challenge was to remember 45 new faces and names in which integration games and great atmosphere of friendship and cooperation had helped us. The next day we were discussing about leaders from our countries and what surprised us was that the profiles of the leaders were not so similar on to another. However, as it turned out later, that what stays behind that are similar values as listening to the others, inspiring them and motivating to take action by your own example.

On the next days of the project we were developing the topic of the leadership through various interactive activities e.g. playing scenes, simulation of a debate, recording short films, preparing our own speech etc. Thanks to that variety of methods we could choose what appeals best to us and take what is the most important and valuable.

There was also neither lack of time for integration and getting to know each other. The participants were trying to give their best showing their country during the cultural evenings. One-day trip to the mountains was also a great time for a conversation and taking a deep breath from the activities. We were also not bumming around during our free time, which we were spending mainly on conversations, laugh, tomfooleries and exchanging opinions with other participants.

The project Be the leader of your life was for all of us a great opportunity to get to know other cultures and share our knowledge. For these 10 days we have learnt a lot about ourselves and the others, we gained many interesting experiences and we had a lot of amazing adventures. For sure it was one of those adventures, which we will remember for a very long time 🙂

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