Participants' photoreports January 2020 Romania

From 4th to 12th January 2020 we participated in Erasmus+ youth exchange called #Best in Romania, located in Horezu. The main objectives of the project were: to provide information on business opportunities and funding on local, national and international level to the participants to introduce participants to business focused mind set by working with the Business Model Canvas to create video vlog for youngsters interested in entrepreneurship, based on the learning outcomes of the activities of the YE, to create social entrepreneurship business plans based on the ideas of the participants of the YE, to plan 7 follow-up activities of the pax, and to share entrepreneurial ideas and methods learned during the YE.

Patricipants’ impressions:

It was my second project in Horezu, but first as a team leader. I applied for this one to gain a knowledge about entrepreneurship, meet wonderful people and come back to this charming town in Romania. All my wishes came true! I really enjoyed every day I spent in Horezu. This youth exchange was perfectly organized and I see every person involved in creating #Best project put a lot of effort and time in preparation. Activities not only gave me foundations of the entrepreneurship topic, but also they were really enjoyable. All of the participants were amazing, inspiring people with positive attitude. Besides hard working time we spent during daily activities, we also got opportunities to visit Horezu and its most important locations like Monastery (which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list). We also participated in pottery workshop, since Horezu is famous for its pottery products. I am very glad I took part in this youth exchange, and I can honestly say #Best was one of my best. I hope I will be able to come back there again someday!

The Youth Exchange in Horezu was my 6th Erasmus+ project so obviously my expectations towards its were very high. Furthermore the expectations were more higher due to studying the same topic as the project. Since the day we started our #best Youth Exchange I felt really strong relationships with the other participants. We made our own Erasmus+ family, I am sure that some of the friendships will stay for long time. Coming back to the activities of our project, I can say that there satisfied me in 200%. All the workshops were headed in professional way. We got know a lot of useful knowledge and we were able to use it in practise. The aim of our workshops was to extend our knowledge about businesses and entrepreneurships. During the project step by step we discovered how to start a business. Having started with idea, going through all the analyses, financial aspect, we finished presenting our ideas to the investments’ jury who assessed our idea. All in all I could say that the project was the #best in my life. On the other hand we had a possibility to discover Romania and other countries.The end of the project was unlucky for me cause I had twisted my ankle and I finished in Romanian hospital.

This project was my first erasmus+ trip. I didn’t know who I would meet or what to expect. From the first days I was convinced that going to Horezu was a great decision. I had a chance to meet people from many countries, people who have a different way of thinking. Working with them was associated with difficulties such as leaving my comfort zone. However, once I did, I was very pleased. Our theme that we worked on was business. Although the topic is not an easy one, I learned a lot of interesting things like what it is like to start a company in a different country, what qualities an entrepreneur must have. We combined work on the project with integration. Thanks to this, we got to know each other better and time passed by immediately. It was a great adventure thanks to which I visited Romania, met wonderful people and learned a lot about business.

The Youth Exchange in Horezu was my first project, I didn’t know in the beginning what would wait for me there. Honestly I was little bit afraid of that, but now I know how wrong I was. Every person who I met in this place was nice and friendly. If you needed some help it was not a problem, because there was always someone who can help and I will never forget this people. I learn a many things which definitely will help me in the future when I try start to work on my own. Interesting experience was work with people from different countries on each topic, sometimes it wasn’t easy, and of course I can’t forget about occasion to practice english. People who organized this project did a very good job. For every this I want to thank all of You.

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