Critical thinking and defeasibility

Participants' photoreports April 2019 Lithuania

If I had only one word to describe the project Critical thinking and defeasibility in Lithuania, I think I would choose “amazing”. Yes, it was amazing and I’m so grateful for an opportunity to be a part of this exchange.

The organization was really great. We had time for rest, learn and to get to know each other. During the project we have been meditating every morning. For me that was an interesting activity, because it helped me to find balance and to be open minded in the other tasks. We were introduced to the different uses of critical thinking in today’s society through non-formal education methods. We worked in groups, where we could confront our points of view and we also had lessons, for example about manipulation or street epistemology.

I think this type of education is better than common one, I have gained a lot of useful information. If you want to know what non-formal way of learning means, you can convince yourself by participating in such projects and experience this. I recommend it, I believe that no one will regret it. Of course all participants from different countries prepared their own cultural night, so everyone could learn even more about each nation. I was delighted with Lithuanian, Bulgarian and Macedonian culture. I noticed they liked Polish culture too. To sum up, I met wonderful people, I saw beautiful city of Kaunas. I’ll miss all of it.



That was my third project and to be completely honest I think it was the best one I have been a part of. Everything was great, from all the activities to all people that were there, including the organizers to even the food! The project was very well planned. We had time when we tackled sometimes even trivial topics on the outside in a very insightful, creative way that made them look so much more relatable and through that – understandable. We also had time to rest, gather our thoughts, think more deeply on the topics, talk to others and share our opinions, share our cultural view on things, everything really worked and I felt truly sad to leave.

I got there with barely any expectations and even if I had any doubts – they were crashed very quickly. I loved my time there and I think that everything I learned and experienced during my time in Kaunas will play a part in my life moving forward. I’m very thankful to the 4YOUth organization for that great opportunity.



Critical Thinking and Defeasibility was my first project and I can definitely say that it was the best week of my life – literally everything from food to even the music played between the lectures was 10/10. The tasks were challenging but enjoyable and I wasn’t bored even for a second during the whole week. I’ve met some amazing people I’d love to keep in touch with and meet them in future. The whole project, the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of people made me not want to go back home.


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