Participants' photoreports October 2019 Romania

In October this year, the project entitled Cultur(E+) was held in Horezu, Romania. The small town in Romanian Carpathians for 8 days became the venue for a meeting of 44 participants from 6 countries: Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey. The project tackled the subject of broadly understood culture.  As the Polish group, the 4Youth Foundation representation, we visited Romania with the following members: Veronika, Klaudia, Julia, Olga, May, Aurelia and the irreplaceable group leader, Jakub.

We went to Horezu from Bucarest, together with the organizers. The artistic spirit of the project quickly emerged, just after arrival, in a spontaneous jam session. We devoted the first day to familiarizing ourselves with each other, exchanging expectations and concerns. In the afternoon, the Romanian’s group cultural evening was held. The second and the following day was devoted one by one to: a task with photography, presentations of our cultures, a division of interests into groups and attempts to create a joint performance, and an exhibition of the photographic works created by the participants.

On the fifth day we had a tour of the nearby UNESCO National Heritage sites. After that we’ve been preparing a show that took place on next day in the local cultural house, before and with the audience from Horezu (the performance was broadcast on live local tv). The next day we devoted to the evaluation. All of this was interleaved with music, games and cultural nights. On the sixth day, elections took place in Poland, so (with consent of the Organizers) we decided to go to Bucharest to cast our votes.

The design contained a large dose of “freedom” and sort of lack of discipline (presumably for integration purposes). Unfortunately, in practice, it took a form of weak organization and some inconsistency. The information provided in the infopack did not reflect reality and the potential of the participants was not fully exploited. Together we agree, the project wasn’t very well organized and sometimes we even felt a sense of wasted time. On the other hand the negative side was balanced by the quality of the participants, new relations and “youth power” – all the best that a youth exchange can offer. We also, as a Polish group, have come really close to each other.

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