Development of critical thinking of Lithuanian and Polish youth

Participants' photoreports September 2018 Lithuania

In September 2018 we had a unique chance to take part in the youth exchange Development of critical thinking of Lithuanian and Polish youth organized by the Association Skeptic Youth in Kaunas, Lithuania. The participants were from Lithuania and Poland, each country having 6 representatives.

The project lasted for one week and was one of a kind experience with many mind-opening activities. During various workshops, we have been introduced to the main methods of statistics, probabilities and scientific methods, cognitive psychology and cost-benefit analysis concepts. We have learned how to use this knowledge in everyday life from the possibility of choosing the right product, up to the ability to criticize scientific research.

However, according to a popular saying “All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy” we did not only study all the time – we had plenty of time to get to know each other during many non-formal indoor and outdoor activities. During one of the evening, we have organized a cultural night. Each country presented its national food, dances and some fun facts. One day was devoted to sightseeing the city of Kaunas – we had a very interesting trip with a tour guide inside the Kaunas castle, and on the next day, we also had a chance to explore the city.

The week in Kaunas went by really quickly. It was an amazing time during which we could not only broaden our knowledge and perceptions of the world but also make new friendships and discover other culture. It’s a pity it all ended so fast, but we are sure that we will stay in touch for a long time and cherish the memories we have!

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