EYOUxit EURemain

Participants' photoreports February 2018 United Kingdom

The EYOUxit EURemain project – i. e. how to meet friends for life in 9 days and fall in love with London.

The first day was a great organizational challenge! We had to get from the airport to Gilwell Park. Of course, we could not avoid getting lost. God save the Google Maps! After we had successfully wiped out the new trail and reached our destination, we were invited to dinner, during which we could meet other participants from other countries and make new acquaintances.

The next day, our main goal was to get to know all the participants even better and to integrate interculturally. We played games to remember our names better and we drew our portraits, which later proudly hung on the wall. Our next task was to discover the area and document the discovery of the park by photorelating with various objects, even with sheep! In the evening there was a discussion about the meaning and impact of Brexit.

During the following days there was no less happening! Mario had a lot of inspiring and thoughtful tasks and workshops prepared for us. We had to create a product whose components would be made up of every European country, we took part in Oxford debates, and we even managed to create our own country Meow, in a unique Constitution, tradition, documents, government, national dance and anthem. Although all the participants returned home and to their normal life long ago, each of us will always remain “Meoweans”.

The project has made us aware of the importance of the European Union and of how much we owe it, for example, to the free movement of persons, the lack of additional taxation, how the EU supports young people and the essence of human rights. We have also touched on other equally important issues, such as the importance of democratic values, the importance of our vote in elections and the nature of the vote. We have learnt more about the problems the EU is currently facing, tried to understand and find a solution to the current crisis. Finding out the opinions of participants from other countries on how they perceive different problems. We understood how important the media are and the importance of checking information to avoid learning from Fake News.

During numerous workshops, in addition to non formal education, we could also make friends with other participants, improve our English language, work in a group or communication skills. In a nutshell, all the soft skills needed in the labour market have undoubtedly been improved. Cultural Nights allowed us to learn about new cultures, embroideries, traditions, regional dishes and drinks?.

Despite the intense of classes, we also had one free day, a sightseeing tour of London. Together with other participants, we discovered the beautiful corners of this magical city. We saw the British Museum, Westminster Palace, Art Gallery, Soho and Chinatown. Despite such a tight schedule, much remains to be discovered. But this journey awakened my appetite for the next conquest of London.

I did not think that for such a short period of time one could get so close, apparently, to completely foreign people. I am sure that some friendships will survive the test of time and will be permanent proof that we can live together despite differences.

What did I learn during these amazing 9 days? I understood that although we come from different countries, from different cultural backgrounds, we have different plans and dreams, in fact we are all very similar to each other. These minor differences should not be an obstacle to unity, because it is in our union that there is strength, unification and cooperation that will enable us to build a better future.


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