Find the Need, Write the Change

Participants' photoreports April 2019 Romania

Bucegi mountains peaks in the clouds and 30 people representing 6 nationalities in one place for nine days – this is how the Find the Need, Write the Change project began. It took place on April 11-19, 2019 in Bușteni. During it, we immersed in non-formal education’s world, were exchanging our incredible experiences and, perhaps the most important, we got to know ourselves again.

During the days spent in Bușteni, we worked together in international groups on various problems. Among the tasks, there appeared activities aimed at empathy, mutual understanding, overcoming stereotypes, also trust and cooperation or team coordination, which we developed through learning to juggle with headscarves. In the final phase of this task, 30 people standing together were juggling and exchanging headscarves with each other. We also improved the public speaking skills. Each participant, using tips from previous training, had to prepare and give a short speech, after which he received feedback.

Every activities we started by various energizers which stimulated us to act. We also worked in national teams to prepare intercultural evenings, when information about project participants’ countries was presented. We exchanged with national dances, songs, curiosities, also traditional dishes and customs.

The culmination of our acts, related to non-formal learning, was a visit to the local high school. We – divided into 2 groups, organized workshops and activities for two classes. We showed the pupils the possibilities of non-formal learning and the Erasmus + program. A warm welcome and commitment of Youth gave us more energy than just one energizer! (and it wasn’t so easy. Energizers were really stimulating to act!). The rest of that day we spent on a trip to Sinaia, where we saw the old Monastery and the Peleş Castle.

Moreover, a large part of the project weren’t only activities planned for us, but this what has been happening spontaneously between us. It is impossible to describe relationships created there between us. It happened in a favorable atmosphere of kindness and mutual understanding, perceptible during the entire of the project. It remains us hope that we will meet in the future, perhaps on subsequent projects?

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