Participants' photoreports November 2019 Romania

The H(e+)lp project, which took place from November 1 to November 8, 2019, was my second Erasmus+ project. However, I remember this best. Thanks to a very good organization and substantive preparation each of the participants gave 100%. Despite the cultural differences, participants from 8 countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Italy and Turkey – got along well.

In addition to integration, the subject of the project was also very important.It is heavily neglected in our country. During project activities we learned how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as well as to help in case of burns and frostbite. In addition to theoretical classes, we also had the opportunity to test our knowledge on other participants (“live mannequins”). Despite the makeshift conditions, each of us approached it with full seriousness and commitment.

However, the biggest attraction were cultural evenings – during them we were able to get to know each other’s tradition and culture of our countries. Among the attractions that we prepared as a Polish group was a quiz, polonaise and poi dance improvised by me. We usually ended the evenings late at night, but in the morning we got up full of strength, ready for new workshops.

I am extremely surprised with how easy it was for me to integrate with people from a different culture, a different environment. Full openness, trust and sympathy meant that we keep in touch to this day.

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