Intercultural Dialogue Through Creative Writing

Participants' photoreports March 2018 United Kingdom

Intercultural Dialogue Through Creative Writing took place in Birmingham at the beginning of March. Participants from Lithuania, Poland, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, and Turkey have been developing their creating writing competencies and learning about intercultural dialog. The Polish group was represented by Agnieszka from Katowice and Filip from Koszalin. For both Polish participants, it wasn’t the first project, but they both agreed that it was definitely one of the best projects they had a chance to participate in!

Despite the fact that Birmingham welcomed them with the massive snow attack and many participants had their flights delayed or canceled, everyone was in a great mood. They were even joking and making bets who would be the last participant to arrive for the projects… In the end – the record holder with the number of canceled flights was Fernando from the Azores whos flight to Birmingham was canceled 6 times!

During the variety of activities based on creative writing participants learned about diversity in Europe. In addition, each participant had an opportunity to develop their creative skills and lead their own evening workshops. The topic of the workshops wasn’t defined, so everyone could present and learn something new, not necessarily about creative writing. In the end of the project participants learned how to write the project under KA1 and KA2 and they create sketches of future projects. The participants’ texts created during workshops you can see on the FB page of the project.

Another attraction during the project was International Evening during which every participant could present their country and serve some traditional snacks. Participants also received small gifts, eg bracelets with a clover symbolizing the spring in Bulgaria and magnets from Romania.

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