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Participants' photoreports November 2016 United Kingdom

A group of five young people from Poland took part in kNOw Vacancies project, which took place in London between 1 and 11 October 2016. We were one of totally 9 group from 9 different countries-Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland and Romania. We were accommodated quite far from London centre, in beautiful Gilwell Park, in British Scout’s activity centre.

From the first day of our activities, leaders focused on teambuilding tasks and solving problems skills. We played traditional name games and spend nice day outside, getting to know each other. Our leader, Marios had a lot of experience in working with the youth. He had great contact with all of us and brilliant sense of humour. Every participant had own interesting story, which lead him or her to took part in kNOw Vacancies project. Some of us were still students, some have just graduated, and most of us were looking for a solution, how to overcome difficult job market situation. Only few people had good job opportunities in past, rest of us was seeking for a change and help. We started working hard, how to increase our employment chances. We were polishing our CVs, practicing speaking skill (mainly pitches), and discussed work possibilities in different countries. We were given advice about all possible opportunities in our own countries, before thinking about moving abroad, as we could stuck in low paid job for people without any experience. And later, we received hints, Marios told us how to find decent job- how to enrol in EURES, internships or EVS.

We also talked about our natural skills, which are crucial when it comes to planning career path. Some people realized, that they were following their parent?s or friends demands, instead of developing their genuine skills and predispositions. Our main task, on which we worked everyday in international groups, was to create magazine about youth at job marketplace and short video. Of course after time of hard work we had leisure and getting to know our countries better, thanks to cultural evenings. We had great opportunity to tastes local food and drinks, also to hear about history and culture. Some groups prepared quizzes with prizes and dance lessons. At the end of week we went to London city centre, where we spent whole day sightseeing and shopping (as our meeting point was near renowned Oxford Street).

During this ten days of activities, workshops and discussions we all learned a lot about European labour market, useful tips how to present our skills, and moreover we were taught how to overcome our stress and fears. We received an opportunity to face our weaknesses, and learn how to manage our lives better. We received a lot of advices. I would recommend this kind of workshops to everyone who wants to improve their communication skills and is a bit confused about educational/job choices.

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