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Participants' photoreports January 2019 Romania

Project Lead the Way took place in Horezu in Romania on January 3-10, 2019 as a part of the Erasmus+ programme. There were 27 participants from 5 countries – Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Romania. The training was built around the theme of communication, leadership, coaching and mentoring.

During the workshops, we learnt what is the difference between a boss and a leader, and we got to know examples of leaders from respective countries. Moreover, we played many games about cooperation and teamwork, and we learnt methods of effective communication and goal-setting. To review the newly-acquired knowledge, we had daily reflection sessions in our “family groups”.

We had a chance to meet a lot of interesting people, including Cosmin, the trainer and a star of “Voice of Romania”. Many of the participants work in NGOs and are engaged in activities with their local communities. That allowed us to get inspired and exchange experiences.

One afternoon was spent on a cultural trip to the local monastery – the main attraction of Horezu that is on the UNESCO Heritage List. Narrow, serpentine road that we had to go through with the bus to reach the monastery gave us remarkable experience. On our way back, we visited a local pottery master and we had a chance to make a pot by ourselves.

Every evening representatives of different country were presenting their culture and prepared their local dishes. We learnt traditional dances, watched videos and heard new fun facts about different countries. We are very proud of our cultural evening that was inspired by a Polish wedding. We taught the participants how to dance polonez and pronounce difficult Polish words. On the next day, many of the participants were asking us about the chocolate bloc that we prepared.

We really enjoyed the project in Horezu and right after return we started planning next joint Erasmus+ adventure!

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