Leaders for the future

Participants' photoreports June 2019 Italy

On June 1-8, 2019 we took part in the Leaders for future training. It concerned the development of leadership and leadership competences through working with young people in the natural environment.

The project was attended by 26 people from 7 different countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey. All countries presented their culture to others and inspired us to European unity. The main language of the training was English, even though project took place in Italy. Our project’s location (Aquapessa, Italy) not only amazed us with breathtaking views and great accommodation but also wide variety of famous Italian cuisine (vegan preferences were even more delicious than anyone could imagine).

We participated in many interesting exercises that were aimed at developing our competences in the field of non-formal education and intercultural dialogue. It was not boring as ordinary school lectures, but it was knowledge used in practice. We also participated in many activities – we shot with a bow to learn concentration in the pursuit of the goal, we composed a common picture to establish closer relationships, we looked for a way to the village hut to understand the dynamism of the group, built forest shelters to influence our creativity.

Young leaders are people who change the world for the better and say that we do not have to be passive. Each of us is an active volunteer in the local society and new practical knowledge will affect the favorable change of our environments. The first opportunity to present new skills has already appeared during the project: divided into three groups, we were to propose activities for school youth.

We assume that this kind of projects are an unforgettable experience. Thanks to them we meet many unique people who are individualists that want to make a difference and non-passive citizens. The project taught us on how to use theoretical knowledge about leadership with specific tools. Time spent in the charming Acquapessa was an opportunity for us to make many long-term international friendships. We have also received the international Youthpass certificates, which confirm the competences we have acquired. However, they are not nearly as important as our self development, the desire and motivation for our new activities. Projects of this type stimulate to act and they have inspiring influence. We will never forget those few intense days of training that have changed us for the better.

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