Love is in the air

Participants' photoreports August 2018 Romania

The Love is in the air project is a youth exchange held in two cities; Sarata Monteoru and Buzau in Romania, from August 27 to September 5, 2018. It gathered 41 participants from 8 countries, such as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Spain, Italy, Macedonia and Romania.

The hotel, where the workshops were held, was characterized by high standards with a conference room, rooms with refrigerators and air conditioning, gazebo covered with vines and jasmine fragrant plants, a terrace with a beautiful view of the mountains, a salt water pool and a spacious living room combined with a café.

Theme of the project included issues related to air pollution, its causes and impact on human health and life, how this problem is treated in different countries, what are the directions of change in public thinking and how we can indirectly affect our daily lives to reduce emissions to atmosphere.

The workshop’s program was aimed at raising awareness of the risks associated with air pollution and shaping good practices, among others by encouraging active and healthy living. The methodology of classes was based on informal education consisting of many presentations, debates, playing scenes depicting the attitudes and behaviors presented, games and creating simulations in the programs. We were encouraged to think outside the box and think creatively and to express our own thoughts.

Although the days were intensely filled with workshops, it was not at all possible to feel tired, because everything took place in a very friendly and smiley atmosphere. The leaders were able to organize and engage us in the classes. Already after two days, you could feel a strong impression of integration with all participants. During all the meals of the day, we wanted to stay with each other for as long as possible, going every now and again for more and more portions of food. This continued until the service staff subtly told us that they would finally want to clean up after us 😛

In addition to the lessons learned from the classes, the project taught us the ability to speak, formulate thoughts, conduct discussions supported by arguments and the ability to edit text and create movies. Cooperation with participants from different countries, apart from the obvious intense practice of English, broadened the horizons in the context of cultural differences, mutual respect and knowledge about the realities of life in other countries than Poland.

After returning we still keep in touch with us in the Polish team, we exchange impressions and talk about the possibilities of further meetings. There are similar trends observed in the Whatsapp international conversation. There are still new photos, general inquiries about our life after returning, as well as reports on the re-meeting. Jose from Spain, who came to study in the Czech Republic as part of the Erasmus youth exchange, met with Voita from the Czech Republic, a resident of Prague. As a Polish team, we can recommend taking part in similar programs, because they are an unforgettable adventure and trigger a lot of positive energy, which stays long after coming back.

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