Non-formal education for social change

Participants' photoreports October 2018 Romania

Education is very important element of social development. Unfortunately people who are making it, usually don’t have enough competences. Because of that it’s not effective. During the Non-formal education for social change project that took place between 5th and 14th of October in Horezu, Romania, volunteers from Poland, Romania, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Lithuania tried to work on this problem.

They talked about system of education in each of country, discussed about advantages and disadventages, worked on non-formal methods of education and looked for possibilities to introduce them into reality. Thanks to team-working activities they created ways to connect formal and non-formal forms of education to make the whole process more effective.

But work of course is not all that matters! Especially if we are talking about non-formal education. Participants of project visited Monastery and some Pottery in Horezu, which are both on UNESCO world heritage list.

Volunteers made new friends, learned more about other cultures, languages, traditions and cooking. Each of group prepared cultural night and showed others something about their country. This way they oppened their minds, broke with the stereotypes and made a lot of new friendships.

Thanks to their participation in the project volunteers got new experience and abilities. They are more careful now, have more tolerance and open-mindness to new educational methods. They see that even a simple game can be effective in the process of education.

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