Real Life Monopoly

Participants' photoreports June 2019 Lithuania

Is it possible to merge an interesting project with beautiful landscape and fantastic people? Yes! From 8 to 14 June we had a chance to participate in a business-related project that took part about 50 km from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Project’s name was Real Life Monopoly. What does it mean? It means that 25 young people from different countries (Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Romania) spent a whole week on planning, building and developing their own business ideas while creating a new version of a popular board game. Every business was different, everything was original and creative. We discussed a lot of issues, trying to answer to the needs of society nowadays and to find innovative business solutions. Moreover, we took part in a city game in Vilnius, discovering it, having fun together and handling sometimes funny tasks.

During the project we made some amazing new friends with people from the countries I mentioned above. We hope to meet each other one day again. That week was full of challenges. I think it significantly impacted my creativity and helped me to find some important life goals I forgot about. I really wish I had a chance to go back there again!

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