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Participants' photoreports April 2019 Moldova

I want the text you are going to read to be sincere and to express a part of me not only to tell about the functions of Erasmus+ programme. So get ready to walk in my shoes through those two weeks of early spring. Follow my lead!

The middle of March, winter already starts to step back, nature starts to wake up. Likewise, people have a feeling that something fresh and new would enter their life. Is not it a perfect time for another youth exchange?

Youth exchange by Erasmus+ programme gathers a group of open-minded and truly unique people in one place and allows them to share their experiences, to express themselves. Besides, all these activities let one better understand oneself and expand one’s network. Additionally, even though the ‘social activity profiles’ of participants are similar in a way, the personal profile of each participant is different which makes the programme such diversified.

In these two weeks, more than 60 people representing 10 wonderful countries such as Belarus, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the UK, and Ukraine were brought together in sunny Vadu Lui Voda. It was a complete mix of different backgrounds, various cultures. You could not have spent a minute without hearing another from your mother tongue language, and of course, each of us has had a chance to improve English skills. It is fascinating how Ukrainians and Polish were patiently listening to Serbian and Belarusian trying to grab some understandable words. Whereas, Romanians, Moldovan, and Italians were busy discussing certain phrases they have in common. Georgians and Greek were humbly waiting for someone to come to them and ask about their beautiful alphabets and difficult to pronounce sounds.

For me it is still a mystery – probably the secret is in youth – but we have managed to have a perfect combination of partying, chilling and working. I would prefer to call it work as we had all made a great job preparing the countries’ presentations. Here, it was surprising how differently people think, create, what they want to emphasis, what they value the most, how they express their opinions. It was a great lesson that has opened rather unknown sides of countries and cultures.

I would never forget cooking with my dear Polish team while preparing to our cultural night, drawing in authentic Ukrainian style, challenging our knowledge of music during the ‘[Freaking] British quiz’, recreating crazy Serbian music videos (‘Zbog tebe’ by Tap 011 is a hit – check it if you don’t believe it). Talking about Romania, right now I cannot get into the dancing mood without Romanian music; Moldova will treat you with amazing wine and will surprise you with the diversity fits into its borders; Italy, ‘Robertoo’ is forever stuck into my head with the gestures, attitude towards food and ‘Bella Ciao’. What I will never forget is a couple of minutes of sirtaki when we have all been suffering to follow the rhythm laughing and enjoying how awkward we have been moving; Georgian sounds would also be the goal to achieve, but firstly – the alphabet; finally, sewing Belarusian ornament singing ‘Тры Чарапахі’ would be kept as the best beginning ever possible.

While writing this text, it is hard to control the emotions and memories. You cannot imagine how hard I want to write to you all of the details of each day but I am afraid that I am not ready to write another book.

I would like to talk a bit about our Polish team. Six of us have combined different parts of Poland, we have educated each other about the different customs we have inside Poland. While working on the presentation of the country we have realised how many great things there are to tell people about. Especially hard it was to choose what to bring for the cultural night as we wanted to show all of the best specialties which apparently are a lot. The team has become quite close and we definitely feel like we would have each other’s back in any situations. It has been a pleasure to be of such a team. I believe we are creating the history ourselves and it was a pleasure to create some moments during those two weeks with these guys. I love you and I want to thank you, my Polish team:heart:.

In general, I think we became quite a family during the project. And for me, project, as pretty much everything, was first of all about people. And the people are amazing. It has been a pleasure to meet all of you.
At times when some of us needed help, we were there to contribute by an action, a word or simply a hug full of warmth (seriously, Erasmus people are the best in hugging, trust me, I know what I’m saying).

Ones of the most valuable moments were the inner jokes only we get, the cute little gestures from each other, the music we shared, the number of invitations each of us has gotten as well as the number of invitations each of us had given. The most touching moment perhaps was the moment when we had to say ‘bye’. We even had that drama-scene during the farewell party when by the time some of us had to leave we had made a circle and had this moment of intimacy listening and singing to ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth.

I love you guys and it is not just a phrase. I have you in my heart and I am grateful for this project that it gave me so much knowledge, so many emotions, so much inspiration, and hope, and finally, so many amazing people.

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