Yes, and… improvisation for youth workers

Participants' photoreports September 2019 Czech Republic

September was definitely related to improvisation, self-development and emotions! We had an opportunity to participate in a training course Yes, and… Improvisation for youth workers that took place in Veselice, Czech Republic, between 9th and 18th September.

The project gathered participants from different countries: Czech Republic, France, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania and Spain.
The participants had an opportunity to gain new skills in the field of improvisation in different areas of their life, but also they had a possibility of sharing their experience by preparing and facilitating their own workshops.

Thanks to the trainers, they could also improve other skills, connected to juggling or even acro-yoga! All the participants could be part of permacultural community and develop their knowledge about how to live in a sustainable way. They could also take care of themselves taking part in mindfulness activities.

Participants’ reports:

The project that I took part in was not only one of hundreds. It was an unforgettable adventure. I have not only improved my professional skills, but also, which is probably even more important, worked on my personality and my weaknesses. There, in Veselice, every day was a challenge. We were focusing on basic things that are obvious for us but which we’re actually not aware of how to do properly. So, we were learning how to observe what is around us, listen to each other, be in a present moment and more. The workshops were so diverse that we could try many different activities that involved elements of theatre, dance, art or music. Back home, I have so much energy and motivation to change everything in my life for better! Now, with new fresh impro skills, I know how to respond to what happens around me and I am able to connect with people in a deeper way. I am so glad that I had an opporunity to take part in such an amazing experience!

Ania Chwalibóg

Thanks to this training I had an unforgettable time full of creative sessions. It was really intensive and challenging time, everyday we were expressing ourselves and observing how our bodies and minds do it. Finally we know that there are a lot of ways to improvise. Smile, energy and good advices of the trainers helped us to improve and become wise! We had also an opportunity of participate in permaculture – the owner of the venue prepared special walk for us to show us every detail of how it works. The mindfulness sessions helped me to connect with people, nature and myself, I come back home full of motivation to practice more and more!

Ania Wisz

When I’ve seen an offer for that training, I didn’t hesitate not a minute. I knew that I want to go there …and definitely I don’t regret!
I liked so much that program was set in a way that I had even a time to rest and then I could fully use of the program.
Suprising for me were mindfulness exercises on improvisation training. However ultimately they taught me the most, and also I really liked them.
Otherwise this training gave me quite a few opportunities, to leave me comfort zone. And see that even a terrifying stage it’s not that scary.


When I read the program description for the first time, I thought that I was going to have a nice return to exercises I know, connected to improvisation and other theatrical activities. How surprised I was when it turned out that I was going to learn much much more than I could have expected! Proposed exercises on improvisation turned out to be just a pretext to work intensively on myself and on relationships with other people. This work was deepened by elements of mindfulness, which significantly changed my perception of reality. I have become more attentive to what surrounds me every day, more present and deepened my acceptance of reality as it is. I also learned to get into different situations that happen to me in the way I learned to get on stage – with openness and readiness for what comes, both from outside and inside. A lot of merit should go to the trainers building a warm and safe space, allowing us, the participants to be open to completely new experiences. For me this project was an amazing experience and the beginning of a series of changes that I try to introduce in my everyday life.


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