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Participants' photoreports November 2019 Romania

When I first heard about this project I was a bit skeptical, mostly because of my age (I’m a bit older than a teen ;). But when I saw who organize this training, I was more than sure that it would turn out great.

Youth EmployeE+ youth exchange was hosted by ALT-357 organization and it took place in Horezu, Romania from 11th to 18th of November 2019. The project was attended by 44 participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Turkey. Throughout those seven days we targeted matters of employment – youth employment specifically. We focused on Europass CV, on how to perform during interviews and how to create a business plan. We had interesting sessions with young entrepreneurs and other professionals. The work was interluded with some nice energizing activities.

But it’s not all, of course. We had two trips to nearby attractions: we saw an old monastery from the XVII century (beautiful surroundings: the mountains and the colors – amazing!) and local pottery center. Both are UNESCO entities – World Heritage Site and Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, respectively. We also had a few very nice “cultural evenings”. Each country group made their own, but I have to say, the Romanian one was outstanding! Taking about home-field advantage indeed! Couldn’t beat that food!

All in all, it was great. It was stimulating, intercultural and fun. I’ve made new friends and had fun with the old ones. It was a very good training.

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