YOU(th), express UP!

Participants' photoreports August 2019 Spain

August 2019 turned out to be a very emotional month! We had an opportunity to participate in a youth exchange YOU(th), express UP! that took place in Herencia, Spain, between 20th and 29th August. The project gathered 30 participants from 5 countries: Croatia, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey. It was created by newcomers in the field of Erasmus youth work and it delivered unforgettable feelings too all sides. The topic focused on experiencing and understanding own feelings as well as emotional expression, effective emotional communication and creativity in sharing own feelings. Activities were prepared not only by facilitators but also participants who had their own sessions in order to develop their personal and professional competences.

Except the development in emotional sphere, all participants had also many opportunities to get to know the local culture. First of all, many local volunteers helped with organizational and logistic matters of the project and were an important part of the daily life during the youth exchange. Secondly, the project was full of free time attractions such as night city walk with the band, theatre treasure-hunt about history of the town, swimming pool night, dinner out, intercultural nights in public with Herencia inhabitants and concert of local youth.

Participants’ reports:

Just an ineffable experience, beautiful moments, amazing vibe and new friends from all around the world! Could it be any better? Sessions were conducted with vast involvement of team leaders and facilitators, accommodation in great condition, not to mention food that was different every single time and super tasty as well. Nothing more, nothing less, would recommended it with all my heart!


The project that took place in Herencia, Spain from 20 to 29 August was my first Erasmus Project. My expectations were high and after ending it I can say that they were satisfied to the highest degree. I didn’t think that I would learn so many new things, and meet all of these wonderful, new people. One thing that I didn’t expect at all is how close I got to the Polish team. I’m not afraid to call them my new friends. It seems to me that after this project I can express myself little bit better than before, I can understand emotions and other people more easily. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project and I would like to thank all the people who took part in this project, the organizers as well as the participants and volunteers, for this amazing experience.


A group of 30 people + volunteers went to Herencia to participate in project about emotions. I came there with almost no expectations. After a few days it was already the best project I have ever been to. Our group was showing emotions throughout many workshops and session, for example by art, dance, theatre etc. It changed my life, it made me realize things about me, about my perception of life. I met wonderful people, some of them I would consider friends for life. I would love to thank again our organizers: Bea, Luis and Lorena (+Laura) because they saved my life.


I had an unforgettable time in Herencia… surrounded by awesome people and touching sessions. It was really intensive time, full of challenges, expressing myself and observing how others do it, because as now I know that there are a lot of ways to do this. However, what connected all participants of this project was indescribable! Smile, energy and openness to other human beings! Participating in activities helped me to understand a lot about myself and also about people who we meet in ordinary life. I came back to home more aware of mine emotions with bunch of new friends from all the around the world, and primarily grateful for all what i learned during this project <3


Before going to this exchange, I’ve been to several projects before, but for the first time I felt that this exchange was created a hundred percent for me. The topic was developed really well, the facilitators were professional and I got a chance of leading my own workshop, which gave me a lot of new experience. I have never been to such an amazing project before, the organisers prepared for us a lot of beautiful surprises, giving us the possibility of meeting local people and volunteers from the NGO. If you already hesitate about participating on the project and about which organisation should you choose, I definitely recommend you Aktive Kosmos!


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