Project TRY participants visited Palma Nana cooperative in Sicily

TRY: TRansition Youth August 2016

A group of 33 participants of the TRY: Transition Youth project participated in the third international training meeting in Sicily between 5-11 June 2016.

During the visit to our partners from the cooperative Palma Nana in Sicily we could taste a real life in harmony with nature. Our Italian partners, who run an Environmental Education Center arranged for us a series of workshops and meetings on the subjects of biodiversity and business based on the principles of sustainable development. Participants from Spain, Italy and Poland were exploring together the surrounding flora and fauna and getting to know the history of the nearby Madonie Park. Through the stories of the inhabitants of the Serra Guarneri Centre, where we were hosted, we have learnt the history of ecological activism in Sicily. We have also interviewed local producers of organic food, members of the Sicilian food cooperatives and representatives of the local administration.

We also had a very interesting meeting with a group of young people, who are creating a cooperative and with the support of the town hall they will be running a municipal museum. We have exchanged with them our knowledge and experience on the opportunities offered to young people by Erasmus + program. During the week of the training we also had workshops on cooking in the spirit of slow food, we have baked bread in an oven constructed from natural materials, we have learned how to make soap and homemade preserves. Besides, we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with traditional cheese making and organic farming. Together we have created a didactic garden that will serve residents of neighboring towns and young people visiting Serra Guarneri during school trips and summer camps in the spirit of ecology.

At the end of our stay, we went to a nearby seaside town of Cefalu, we made a virtue of necessity and apart from swimming in the sea we organized social cleaning of the local beach. This intense week will always remain in our memories. It?s already the last meeting as part of our transnational Youth Initiative ? beside the gardens in each of the partner countries, the friendships and partnerships that we have created will remain the most lasting result of the project.

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Katarzyna Klimowicz
project coordinator

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