Miłosz Bałdyga

December 2017

Pedagogy student, graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw (bachelor’s degree in Business Economics). He spent one semester in Verona (Italy) on an abroad scholarship funded by the Erasmus programme. An enthusiast of travelling, music, percussion instruments and the art of the new circus. He conducts workshops on juggling, personal growth and soft skills for youth and adults in Poland as well as abroad – during international Erasmus+ projects, which he attends as a leader (since 2013) and a trainer (since 2015). So far he has taken part in nearly 30 youth exchanges, seminars and training courses abroad and since 2017 he is involved in writing Erasmus+ projects himself. He likes going out of his comfort zone and taking on new challenges. What brings him the feeling of fulfillment is solving problems in an unconventional way.

Collaborates with 4YOUth Foundation since 2012 – initially as a participant of international youth exchanges, afterwards as a volunteer, and currently as an official team member. In the organisation he deals with the recruitment of participants for international projects, promotion of the Foundation’s activities as well as with building a partnership network all over Europe.

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