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Fotorelacje uczestników lipiec 2018 United Kingdom

How to live a healthy and active life? In search of the answer to this question, the representation from Poland (Angelica, Magda, Sebastian, Paweł and Kamil) on June 27, 2018 went on weekly exchange of youth to the UK, where together with participants from other countries they shared their views and experiences related to topics of the meeting.

During the exchange the international group of participants took part in sessions and discussions devoted to shaping healthy habits and attitudes through physical, mental and balanced diet. There was also a practical part – walking through The Seven Sisters cliffs on the south coast of England. It was also the time of meeting people from different cultures, making new friends and friendships, time of fun and joy – because laughter is health (an old Polish saying)! 🙂

At the beginning…

After preliminary integration games, breaking the first ice in the intercultural environment and getting to know the program in details, it was time to present our healthy habits and sports that we have recently practiced. Previously each of us shared our pictures related to this subject on our group created on the social platform. It was an original way not only to present ourselves, but also an interesting introduction to the subject meetings.

The next stage of integration was a big dinner together in one of the nearby bars, to which the road led through Crystal Palace Park (recreation area and one of the main parks British capital used for cultural and sports events). We also had cultural evenings which were part of getting to know each other and our cultures, during which the participants from different countries presented their traditions, curiosities from the country, dances and songs. There were also local delicacies.

What we did

During the youth exchange, we analyzed what does a healthy lifestyle mean for us and how the way of eating affects our health. During the practical part of workshop sessions our international teams were composing fit meals and then presenting them in the form of a poster. Thanks to that we learned how to prepare suitable food for hiking and plan our diet so that the food bought for the long route is usefull, light, easy to cook and nutritious.

During the exchange we had the opportunity to practice many sports like running, swimming, dancing or hiking. I walked for the first time in my life on the so-called tape slackline, which I liked very much, just like climbing. We also talked about the importance of sleep during the day, or why naps are important. We were discussing different phases of sleep, what happens to us when we sleep and how many hours a day should we sleep. And to do not be groundless, before the discussion we had a 30-minute nap 🙂

In the last phase of the project, we traveled (by hitchhiking or trains) to Eastbourne to go through unusual hills which vertically fall into the sea in the north of England over the Eurotunnel. Before the trip we had a series of workshops regarding packing and equipping our backpacks, first aid or dealing in in crisis situations such as sunstroke, bite or ankle sprain.

Additionally, in smaller groups we were preparing our professional tourist equipment, composing the menus and estimating how many and what kind of products do we need for two days of hiking. During our trip there were of course also harder moments, but the views of the spectacular chalk cliffs have outgrown our expectations and I think everyone agrees that it was worth it!

In conclusion, the Healthy Habits Youth Exchange: Active Outdoors & Sports within Erasmus + Programme organized by the Abroadship organization together with our sending organization 4YOUth can certainly be included in one of the best trips that will stay in my memory for a long time! I’ve learned a lot about taking care of my health and kneading healthy habits, I met wonderful people, I was hitchhiking, I tried new sport disciplines and set new goals in my life, including being more physically active. At the same time I practiced English 24h / day, I made new friendships and I have become a more conscious person of European values like culture, tolerance, equality, diversity, or simply – being a citizen of Europe.

Project organized by: abroadship.org

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